4 Gauge Welded Hog Wire Mesh Panels 16' X 34" Panel For Livestock Fencing


Welded Hog Wire Mesh Panels Galvanized Wire 4 Gauge 16' X 34" Panel

Product Description:

► Welded Hog Wire Mesh Panels is made of welded wire mesh, with flat even surface to form firm mesh structure, widely used in livestock fencing, especially for hog fencing.

► The welded hog wire mesh panels could confine even your most stubborn livestock, it has spacing dimensions of: first four rows are 2", next two are 3", next row is 4", next two are 5", remaining row 6" with 8" vertical spacing. It includes 11 line wires, 34" high, 4 Gauge, and horizontal spacing 8".

► The surface treatment could be galvanized ( electric galvanized or hot dipped galvanized ) with bright silver color, the smooth finish could be sure that your animals will not be harmed by sharp edges.

► Machines are used to produce the mesh with precise dimensional control. The wire mesh panels can result in considerable savings in time, labour and money.

Wire Mesh Panels is custom made by our factory, it is available in various sizes and shapes, the edge could be smooth or rough, the panel could be cutted to the size as your request.


It is widely used in livestock fencing, especially for hog fencing.


  • Flat even surface
  • Firm Structure
  • Wires resist movement
  • Easy handling
  • High strength
  • Uniform mesh and smooth surface
  • Savings in time, labour and money

Quick Detail:

Wire Gauge 4 Gauge Vertical Spacing 8 inch
Panel Length 16 feet Panel Height 34"
Surface Treatment Galvanized Edge Smooth edge
Packing In pallet or null packing

Production Process:

Wire Drawing → Wire Straightening & Wire Cutting → Welding → Folds / Curves Bending → Electric Galvanizing / Hot-dipped Galvanizing → PVC Coating / Spraying → Packing → Loading


Welded wire steel fabric is manufactured with automatic welding machines, where wires are welded together in square or rectangular grids.

Finished Mesh:

After the Bending and Cutting process comes the final stage in manufacturing process, galvanizing or PVC coating.

4 Gauge Welded Hog Wire Mesh Panels 16' X 34" Panel For Livestock Fencing

1. Can you cut the wire mesh panels to the required size?
Yes, the wire mesh panels can be cutted as your request, the maximum size is 2.4mx6m.
2. The quantity is not that big, is that OK?
Yes, you can send us message with the real quantity, we'll try our best to make this order for you. We'd like to make good relationship with more customers.
3. Can I get free samples?
Yes, we'd like to provide small pieces free samples, and customers pay for the express fee.
4. Can you provide OEM service?
Yes, all the products can be made as your require.
5. How can i get a competitive price quickly?
The quick quotation depends on the detailed dimensions you supply.


Wire Mesh Panels

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